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Make your shifting smoothest and effortless

Yes, it is truly a wish of every person who is planning relocation – to make the entire spree smooth and effortless. Relocation being a hectic affair takes on nerves of every person involved in the process.

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Starting with, making the list of things that are to be shifted, packing them, loading them for transport and then finally unpacking and settling the things at the new destination – all involve series of strategies and methods, that are to be followed in scientific manner- Really hectic task, calls for loads of patience and time.

In order to make relocation an exciting affair, it is better if one approaches the help of professional and experienced relocation company. Shainex Packers and Movers is one such relocation Company at Delhi, NCR that makes your shifting process a cake walk activity.
With no tension at your end, you will witness smooth and professional relocation service at the most competitive rates. The main tension that worries every client is the safety and care of their goods.

Shainex provides best class services for household, corporate and international shifting divisions and are best solution provider of logistics industry. With, in house experience and innovative methods in shifting, our proficient packers offer comprehensive and cost effective solution for all your shifting needs.

The company takes pride in being one of the most trustworthy packing and moving companies in Delhi, and is been catapulting to new heights with wide experience and expertise.  So what is that, which is making the Shainex, the most preferred choice of many clients? It is our art of performing relocation process, where we inculcate “care” and maintain highest standards of “safety” at all the times while executing the moving service.

We adopt robust and innovative packing materials and pack the goods based on their nature and distance they have to cover. Our packing experts pack your goods in such a manner that the goods are not damaged in transit and they reach the destination safe and in one single piece.
We also have special warehouse arrangement to place your goods safely, in case of certain unforeseen circumstances, due to which the transportation has to be halted and the goods have to be stored. We have also facility of insurance, where in we provide risk coverage in case of loss that is unforeseen.

Our personnel also see to it that the goods are unloaded with care and caution at the destination and all your goods are unpacked and settled at the desired place. So we, as your relocation partner will be with you right from the start of your relocation process – from packing, loading of goods and till the end of the spree – unloading and unpacking of goods at the new destination.

Our experts, with their experience and state of art packing methods give 100 percent assurance that your goods will reach the destination safely without a single scratch.

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20 Home Relocation Tips that will make your life so much Easier

Want to relocate your home? Tensed over the tedious acts involved in the process and want to make the relocation smooth and hassle free affair? If you are organized you can get a head start and easily make through this mammoth process unscathed. So for enjoying your new abode with great zeal and zest one has to follow some vital tips.

Just follows some tips that will make your home relocation a cake walk activity and make your moving like a breeze

  1. Planning in advance: Proper planning will ensure smooth execution of your shifting spree. Planning involves what are goods are to be relocated, what are to be disposed off, from where the packing materials should be bought etc. Take a note of all these aspects and work on every single one stepwise. As it is rightly said well chalked plan is showcases road to sure success. In the same way relocation that is planned will result in timely and safe shifting of goods to the destination.
  2. Make arrangements in advance: Whether you are going to opt for DIY or resort to the help of professional packers and movers – make the arrangements well in advance. For DIY move you may have to start the preparations at least few weeks ahead as you are the one who is going to arrange for transport, packing materials etc. Advance arrangements will give you longer lead time and less chance of snag.
  3. Start packing well in advance: The vital step in any relocation is the packing and it is the most difficult step that requires proper knowledge about packing of different types of goods. As different goods requires different packing materials say for e.g. fragile goods requires robust packing as they are prone to damage while in transit, furniture and fixtures demand typical packing style and so on. So it is better to start packing well in advance as waiting until last minute for packing is a recipe for disaster. Start with little used, decorative and seasonal items and pack the regular use items at the end.
  4. Remove the unused items: It is better to dispose of the unwanted or unused items either by way of donation or by selling them. Doing such will not only remove unwanted items from the list but also will provide you with some extra cash as well.household shifting services
  5. Figure out the move strategy: How you will move from old place to new one on the moving day? Plan a moving strategy well in advance. For shorter moves consider renting a truck for the day. And in case you have a big family to move and you will move for a long distance then it is better you approach the help of professional moving company.
  6. Keep your movers in the loop: Boxes are one thing but when you get heavy stuff it is important to let your movers know what to expect. Have a word with your moving company and explain all the requirements and expectations prior to the bookings. Ensure that your mover has to be aware of all minor details in order to estimate the total move time and cost and also have proper equipment available.
  7. Pick the right transportation: In case you are moving for short distance you will be able to get ways with making one or two trips. In case you are moving farther, then it is better to make choice of right size of truck to cart your belongings in one go. Corner the right size is important when moving farther away as making many trips would be a problem.
  8. Put together a packing kit: If more than one person is packing stay organized by chalking out a system. Prepare blank inventory sheets so one person can tackle each area or room. Provide each packer with pen, black marker, packing materials like packing tape, newspaper and boxes.
  9. Grab reuse boxes: You may need cardboard boxes for making a move. You can grab a cardboard box from the grocery store for packing. Go for the smaller boxes as they are easier to carry in stairs and narrow path ways.
  10. Take inventory: It is essential if you are hiring a moving company. Having a record of your household items is useful so that you can find out if some item goes missing. Assign each box a number and keep list of items that are present in that box adjacent to the number.
  11. Label everything: Labeling makes easier for tracking things. Label each box with marker so that you can easily find out what is there inside the box.
  12. Prepare a moving day kit: Keep one box aside for essentials that you will need on moving days – cleaning supplies, light bulbs, toiler paper, garbage bags, clothes etc.
  13. Be ready for your movers: Be set for your movers whether hired or friends when they arrive at your door. Be ready to with packed goods before the crew arrives if you are going on DIY spree.
  14. Protect your valuables: Avoid transmitting the valuable like bank papers, locker keys and important files through transport instead carry them on your own. Insure anything that is valuable or breakable in case you are using moving company. Say for e.g. you are moving computer do a quick back up of vital files so that files will get saved in case something happens to the computer in the transit.home relocation services
  15. Delay deliveries: In case you have made some new purchases of couch or dining room suite then delay the delivery of those and resort to accept those later. Now focus your attention on relocation and avoid any congestion between the delivery people and movers.
  16. Do not mistake belongings for trash: Do not pack things in garbage bags. As it may happen that friends or members of the family would accidentally throw them out on moving day.
  17. Hook up essentials: See that how utility service (gas, water and electricity) will be transferred over to you from a previous owner. Also see that you phone line, cable and internet is working if necessary.
  18. Find a pet sitter: If you have a pet resort to the help of pet sitter – may be your friend or any person from your family will look after the pet on the moving day so that you pet is not traumatized by the move. If you are hiring movers for long distance move, be sure to arrange your pet’s safe transport to your new home.
  19. Make nice with your new neighbors: Start off on the right foot by informing your neighbors that you will be moving in and also inform them about the kind of vehicles you are using. In case you are moving on the weekday see that your truck is not blocking anyone’s exit. See that your truck does not block the traffic on the road.
  20. Treat your movers: Whether you hired movers or resorted to the help of friends and family see that you give them food and drinks made available. This will be a good gesture off thanks and care towards your movers.
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Need a Simple Office Movement, Read this!

Moving your office is absolutely no simple represent beyond any doubt. One needs to see that the workplace work is not relinquished when the moving spree is being happened. A great deal must be mulled over for office movement.

This testing assignment is best appeared when logical movement administrations are actualized. Straightforward and simple moving procedure will guarantee that your migration of the workplace is a cake walk movement.

Any expert pressing and moving organization guarantees that customer is fulfilled to the full degree and rapid and sensible administration is tabled to them.

It takes after its expert and condition of craftsmanship movement strategies which are:

  1. Pressing and Wrapping the workplace merchandise professionally so that even the littlest thing achieves the goal point securely and in one piece.
  2. Office has loads of office stationery, imperative records and different things and migrating them requires legitimate arranging before begin. Migrating organization must get ready check rundown of the things to be done and after that needs to take after for coming to pass smooth authority moving.
  3. Transportation must be picked painstakingly in light of the goal and the products that are to be stacked. Experienced and proficient moving directors will corner the ideal medium of transport so that all your office products achieve the goal point securely.
  4. Giving great and extensive stockpiling choice for both short and long stretch by and large.
  5. Protection and logical pressing of merchandise is crucial. Office furniture like work areas, PC peripherals, printers and other electronic merchandise are required to be pressed in such a way, to the point that there happens no harm to them in the travel. Organization that takes after inventive and present day pressing strategies will pack your official products in such a way, to the point that they is not influenced by brutal climate or some other transport issues. For pressing of electronic things extraordinary containers and pressing materials must be utilized and every one of the things are to be kept in the vehicle in the sorted out way with the goal that merchandise does not get harmed while in travel.
  6. Office movement requires pressing and transporting of each and every article and along these lines sensitive and weak articles require legitimate care and alert and must be stuffed and orchestrated utilizing logical pressing techniques that meet each well being standard with the goal that merchandise achieve the goal securely.
  7. Office migration requests that things are put to put without squandering at whatever time as additional time squandered will have eventual outcome on the work. So it is better for the organization to make notes of the place before the begin of moving procedure. A group of experienced experts have gather reasonable thought of the area and the entire procedure so that there is no very late strain or different issues springing up.
  8. The pressing supervisors and specialists organize with the office heads and directors so that the whole procedure of moving is synchronized and afterward decide a timetable framework that will keep away from pointless interruptions. This is finished by making legitimate coordination arranging, destroying and crating of furniture, installations and gear, site readiness, floor arranging and set ups.

    Office movement requests that things are placed in appropriate place inside a stipulated era as each organization needs to complete off with the migration spree as right on time as would be prudent as they can start up with their standard work in time. So time assumes a key part in this migration movement and an accomplished migration Company takes after all the aforementioned standards of security and time so that your office movement is emerged effortlessly and easily.

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Pack your House items – Best tips of Packing

The very first step of relocation is packing of goods in such a manner that they are immune to any damage and harsh weather conditions. In other words goods are to be packed perfectly in such a manner they reach the destination in one piece.

For this one has to adopt best packing tips and measures and here are few packing best packing tips that will transpire your household relocation into a cake walk activity.

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1. Make check list of all the items: First and foremost aspect is to make the check list of all the items that are to be relocated and then bifurcate them on the basis of their weight and nature as delicate items need robust packing as they are prone to get damaged easily.

2. Corner the packing materials: After cornering the house hold goods based on their weight and nature of the goods, select the packing materials based on specifications of goods. Purchase packing boxes, tapes, bubble sheets, corrugated boxes etc based on the requirements n nature of goods.

3. Packing the goods: Stack the goods in one place so that they are packed perfectly and nothing is missed. Also sitting in the middle with goods spread all over is confusing. So it is better to start with one room, finish it off then move to the other. Use innovative and special type of packing for goods that are delicate. Make use of robust corrugated boxes, bubble sheets so that goods reach the destination in one piece.

4. Label the boxes: After packing it is advisable to label the boxes as labeling each carton will make it easy for one to unpack the goods at the destination. Also label in cartons will be torch light for arranging goods in transport as one can arrange the delicate items at safe place in the transport so that goods reach the place safely. So labeling aids in quick unpacking of goods and swift arrangements.

5. Disassemble furniture and other items that need to be taken apart and carefully save any hardware involved.

6. Do not pack cheque book, credit card and other valuable documents. Carry such important documents with you.

7. Loosely wrap fragile items individually with bunched up paper, bubble wrap or foam paper.

8. Take special care of small items and see that they are wrapped properly and packed so that they are no lost in the transit . Taping over with bright colored tape and marking is good packing technique to highlight a very small item.

9. Pictures, glass frames and mirrors should be packed in blankets, bubble wraps or foam wraps. These should be kept in flattened out cartons with plenty of cushion on glass and the edges. Also tape the end of the box so that these delicate items do not unexpectedly slide out during transit.

10. Place lamp and lamp shades separately. Wrap lamp in bubble wraps and place lamp shade in clean and spic and span box.

11. Wrap electronic equipment in blanket

12. Light and loose things can be put in plastic bags by taping them well so that they are not ripped off in transit.

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How Simple Movers and Packers helped me succeed?

Relocating has always been a tension for me and it always used to give me chills down the spine whenever I even think about it but until I met Shainex Packers  and Movers. This Company really changed the very perception of mine a about relocation. It made my entire shifting spree a cake walk activity.

I was planning of relocation of my office for long time but did not get the guts to move on as I felt this activity will take a long time, will cause chaos which will in turn affect my work and its performance. But after having a word with the packing and moving experts of Shainex Packers and Movers, I decided to give try as they promised me that my satisfaction quotient will never go low at any point of time with their way of work.

Really I got bowled when I saw the way the packing representatives handled the entire work neatly planned with step by step strategies. Every office appliance of mine was neatly packed using innovative and state of art packing methods so that nothing is damaged in the transit and all reaches the destination point in single piece and in the stipulated time period.

I was very much worried of the time that will be required for shifting as I do not want to forfeit my office work behind the shifting process but here the representatives relieved me of this tension as entire work was materialized perfectly before the stipulated time period.

Not only they incorporated scientific methods of packing but also they ensured that all the goods are well placed in the transport so that no damage is done to goods while in transit. Their simple yet out of the box packing methods impressed me a lot as they turned by dream of shifting my office to new location without hustle and chaos into reality.

Also they advised for weekend relocation so that my work is not affected much. Their experienced and trained representatives did the perfect unloading of the goods and setting them as per the space and area.

Now that I have started fresh in my new office, I really vouch that had I not trusted Shainex packers and Movers and made up my mind for relocating office, I would not have experienced this spice of success. No doubt this very packers and movers help me succeed.